Thursday, February 25, 2010


I can't even remember when the last time i blogged. Probably a year ago. I'm gonna try this again and see if i can stick with it. Its snowing so bad today and I am so glad I was scheduled off till Monday. It is the end of February and I really hope this the last of the snow we get this winter.
Winter beauty Solutions:
It winter our skin is dry and chapped. I wash my hands a lot because of my profession and in the winter my hands get chapped and sometimes bleed. As for that I figured out a solution. I got a bottle of lotion with a pump that fits right into the cup holder and and every time i see it. I remember to get a pump of lotion and moisturize my skin. So far, I haven't had any redness or chapped skin. Night creams are more moisturizing so if u have dry skin apply night cream daily and when u wake up your skin is replenish and soften. It kinda like therapy for your skin. Protect your lips with lip balm and some have SPF which is even better. Lip gloss would work also. Use a scrub and exfoliate dry dead skin for your face and body. best time to lotion your body is right after a shower cuz your pores are open and it will absorb better into your skin. Also another thing is that I get dry heels. My mom gets cracked heels and its painful. I apply lotion to my heels every night and so far it less dry, no flaky chapped skin. It so important protect your skin in the winter time and don't forget the SPF. SPF protects our skin and slows aging.

My recommendations:

Day- Primordiale skin recharge cream SPF15
Night- Primordiale Skin Recharge Cream
I love this Line of moisturizer. It is pricey. U can get it at the lancome outlet store for cheaper. Sometimes macys give them for free if u make a purchase. I am currently trying the Absolute from Lancome. So far I like primordiale the most. I tried Philosophy Hope in a jar and it just moisturizes and does not do much to my skin. For the price of it i rather use Aveeno moisturizer from the pharmacy.

St. Ives Apricot. It is cheap and it works.

Rose Bud Minted lip Balm

It gives your lips a cooling sensation.

Hand/ Body Lotion:
Korres Body Butter. I like the Jasmine one.
More moisturizing than Aveeno lotion. Lots of different scents.

Foot Lotion:
Sally Hansen Just Feet Dry heel balm
I just finished a tube of this and it has really helped my heels.

I hope this helps. Thanks for reading. Leave a comment.

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