Friday, February 26, 2010

My thoughts on the Clarisonic system

I got the Clarisonic skin care system in September and I use it daily. The system cost less than $200. I got mine off for about S160. I have the classic one. They also came out with the MIA which is a smaller version that cost around $150. It is an expensive technology but I decided i will splurge on this because i like the idea of a rotating brush that works to exfoliate your skin as it spins. The vibration stimulates the skin and it wakes up the cells in the skin. It claims that it gives u younger and smoother skin. I agree it does give me smoother skin. I have combination skin and it get rid of the oily areas and doesn't irritate the dry or normal areas.I still get pimples during "that time of the month". I guess I'm still young. I do get less blackhead and it make my face feel really clean. No more dry or flaky skin. My pores look smaller. I did not regret buying. I charge it overnight every two weeks. Its waterproof and I bring it in the shower. I do not like the cleansers that came with it. I am currently using Shiseido pureness facial cleanser. I just need to get a dab of the cleanser on the brush push the on button and go in circular motion on my face. In the beginning i did it twice a day and it irritated my skin. So i cut down to once a day and it made my skin feels better. It really cleans out my pores and removes make up residues.
The MIA is a cheaper option. But if u don't want to spend that kind of money. You can use a soft wash cloth and scrub your face lightly in circular motions with cleanser. Remember to wash the cloth well and hang dry. If the cloth is not dry properly it can build up with bacteria and that not good for your skin. This is how I wash my face.

Clarisonic Skin Care System
Shiseido Pureness Cleanser



This product is an anti aging product for the eye area. It claims to diminish fine lines a wrinkles. This is not something i can use right now. Most likely for people in their late 30s and up.

Thanks for reading. If u have a Clarisonic, let me know what u think!

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